Last new project of 2020: Late Victorian fencing outfit

I adore the outfit in this painting L’escrimeuse by Jean Beraud! It’s active wear but sexy. It’s long been on my mind.

And this year hasn’t been the most active for me when it comes to creative projects, so trying to take on any new big and complicated project at this moment would probably cause me to get overwhelmed and stuck. But this one looks like it would make a quick and simple project and I’m all about that right now.

My plan for this project is to make knee length silk trousers to go underneath, a cotton velvet skirt with red silk lining to wear on top and a white shirtwaist with black cotton velvet sleeves. And the belt of course. And I’m also going to try to make a Victorian style fencing mask to go with it.


  1. potomacker says:

    An interesting and challenging choice. I have my doubts whether this painting is of anything that was worn in reality. It appears to be rather fetishistic Are the high gloss shoes even suitable for fencing?


    1. There seems to have been two styles clothing worn for fencing, the more practical and then this. I’ve found several drawings and photographs of women fencing in this type of white shirtwaist with black sleeves and black skirt, so I’m guessing it was worn in reality as well and not just for posing.

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